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Meet the most well-known singer and artist | BIA

By: Jack

Meet the most well-known singer and artist | BIA If you’ve used TikTok at least once this year, you’ve probably heard the hooking lyrics:

If you’ve used TikTok at least once this year, you’ve probably heard the hooking lyrics: Just to go to the bodega, I put on my jewelry. Additionally, I carry it around solely for my own safety. My feet are Bottega, but my body is Fendi. That comes from the remix she just released with the legendary Nicki Minaj for the rapper BIA’s song “Whole Lotta Money.”

BIA describes the iconic Queen of Rap as “a legend.” Learning from someone like her is a blessing because she has so many stories and advice to share. The story of how the remix came about is told by BIA. It’s crazy because Nicki DMed me after I had been DMing her like a fan for years! She DMed me, found the messages I had sent her, and we started talking on the phone after that. From there, we got together, and she invited me to her studio and house. It was an incredible experience. It was legendary to go there with her and write with her in person.

BIA, who is signed to Epic Records, has performed on the Oxygen reality show Sisterhood of Hip Hop, collaborated with Pharrel, toured with Ariana Grande, appeared in songs by J. Balvin and Russ, and more. However, BIA does not wish to discuss the past because she is more concerned with the future, where she anticipates “a lot more great music.” The rapper also intends to experiment in the cosmetics and fashion industries. She elaborates, “I am working on a lot of my own brands.” diverse items and collections That’s what I’m looking forward to.

In addition, as part of her ongoing endeavor to empower and inspire women, BIA intends to enter the philanthropic sector and establish a program to assist girls everywhere. I just want to be there for other women who feel like they don’t have all the answers, in the same way that I did.

BIA is the first person of color and the first rapper to be featured in NHL promos, hand-picked by the powerful hockey league to attract a new audience, making history for her future self. The artist blushes. “It feels iconic.” It feels like legend. I find it beautiful whenever sports and music come together in one place. It just makes me so happy to be able to build this relationship with the NHL because they have been so supportive of me and what we are doing.

Despite the rapid success of her songs, BIA has been in the industry for a long time and would not change a thing because of her persistence. Never give up, no matter how cliché it may sound, the musician reflects. In fact, I never gave up. It took me so long to get people interested in what I was doing, but you have more longevity because people see your growth over time and grow with you—and I believe that’s happening with me.”

Lastly, she just wants to say to any new artists: Trust your own ideas, your work, and yourself more.